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|PKMN-FarawayDespair|LIAR|Musashi Miyoamoto| by painkrc99 |PKMN-FarawayDespair|LIAR|Musashi Miyoamoto| by painkrc99
EDIT 1 - real self DONE
EDIT 2 - redid the pic because my shitty art skills approved slightly to being less shitty....and the pic of him is better then his damned headshot...


Name: Musashi Miyoamota 'Musa the Fucking Liar' or just 'Musa'
Species: Spinda
Birthday: 5/3
Age: 21
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Good Endurance 


He is the son of a bitch bastard who lies all  the time. Because of this Musa is a bit insane in the head for despair...along with lying.... But even so, he is a good pokemon somewhere in his frozen dead heart.. Most of the times Musa is helpful but that would equal others hating him more once he reveals himself. Never was Musa good at making friends, he quite sucks at it...since he is a gay person, it tends to show around other guys. Most times around other guys, Musa tends to get easily flustered, and embarrassed with whatever happening around him. In reality even though his lying habit, he is quite the friendly guy, even though he tends to fail at trying to make friends. When it comes to love, the poor Spinda will try his hardest to be a wonderful guy for whoever his creepy blood red eyes have locked on. Back home he was useless and pathetic, but now his joyful and fucked up lovely habits control him.

Good - Friendly|Helpful|Wonderful|Joyful|
Between - Sucks|Flustered|Embarrassed|Lovely|
Bad - Lies|Insane|Frozen dead heart|Useless|Pathetic|


Musashi was actually born a very sickly child...the docters told his parents he would not make it unless he lived the rest of his life in the hospital. Because he was the only child the two ever had, in the end they agreed. And as the days passed, the poor Spinda son suffered silently in the cold and depressing hell hole of a hospital. Soon when he was just a young child of age nine, he was allowed to roam throughout the building, a bag of liquid pumped into him as he ran about. One day on his daily checkup, Musashi's docter screamed when she had spoke about how the Spinda boy was healthy. This had overjoyed the parents, their cries filling the hospital room as he laid quietly in that dreadful bed, his hollowed eyes staring at the ceiling. A year later Musashi finally entered into an elementary school. Of course he suffered a few years of bullying. There was no luck on the Spinda's side, but one day he began to lie to his parents... Thankfully they never really noticed the difference between the truth and lies he spoke, and one day, they became sick for some unknown reason. But that did not affect Musashi much, as long as he had a roof above his head, food and heath...nothing mattered to the little boy.

Days later, his parents died a lonely death, but happy they were together in their final moments... Musashi was soon taken away to live with his grandmother, who loved and took care of him after the funeral was over. Soon after a few years the Spinda soon entered middle school. It was actually quite peaceful, everyone was to freaked out by his personality and creepiness that they ran away for their life depended on it. Even though he was alone and avoided, Musashi actually enjoyed his middle school years. And then during the last grade, love came his way. Of course this pokemon loved him for who he was...and the only one not to avoid him. Soon a year passed, and their relationship grew as they entered high school. The sad part of it all was that the two were bullied on the sexuality, being gay seemed like such a horrible thing in that school. One day things became out of control, and Musashi ended up with a knife through his stomach when trying to protect his boyfriend from some bullies who had actually snuck the knife into school grounds. It was a few hours before the nurse arrived, he had already lost a good amount of blood. Because of this small event, his lover dumped him, and then the Spinda spiraled into depression from this. Soon the lies came back into his life. It was becoming apart of him, one with his heart and soul... Lying all the time, Musashi decided to begin calling himself 'SHSL Liar' It suited him, and his messed up mind.

Soon during the 12th grade, things slowly died out, there was no more thoughts of his love, no more bully issues or anything that had been bad in his life. The only thing bad about it was when his grandmother passed away from a serve heart attack, no one knew how it was cause...but a certain Spinda knew... But no one would guess it was him.. Soon a year passed, and he had a job to pay for the house's bills... And then after a few moments, his black spirals appeared in his eyes. It overjoyed him seeing this. But one day he recieved an inventation.... Hope's Peck Academy eh? He seemed rather amused at this inventation.. Before even going..Musashi decided to lie about everything about his exsistance... When he would arrive, he would be no 'SHSL Liar' but instead.... 'SHSL Ninja' The silent Spinda with a crazed mind...

Fun facts/Extra:

- He loves despair...
-enjoys the sight of blood.....even licking and the feel of it....what a sick son of a bitch....
- He ish gay, that is a fact.
- Musashi is not a mute, he can speak, but it's very quiet.
- Never actually had a normal childhood, or life for anyone to guess -to him everything WAS NORMAL-
- Enjoys being a lying bastard.
- Nosebleeds sometimes.

Status: Alive


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NightrueSpirit Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Can you please describe Musashi's lower body so I know how it should be drawn? 
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it's just long dark grey pants and his feet showing a bit from underneath from the pants being a bit to long and isn't rolled up
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dammit musashi you had one job
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huehuehuehue~ :icontrollrollplz:
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i want musashi to run
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WildCatPrincess4Ever Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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